What Is Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm?

Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm is an agriculture and farm tourism site standing and blossoming in the midst of Pantabangan, a first-class municipality in the province of Nueva Ecija. It all started with a vision --- to promote and showcase agriculture (cacao farming/ organic farming) and farm tourism.

Farm Ridge is managed and operated by Desmond Farm and Partners Inc. (DFPI). DFPI is a corporation registered in the Philippines that upbuilds the countryside into cacao farms and aims to produce high-quality cacao beans. It is also now into organic farming or a farming technique that promotes the cultivation of plants in natural ways, involving the use of biological materials and avoiding synthetic substances to maintain soil fertility and ecological balance.

DFPI is comprised of various stakeholders like farmers, shareholders, and investors (mainly OFWs). Since the management has seen the need of a guest house to accommodate these stakeholders who would want to visit the farm, few have been carefully constructed, the Farm Ridge. Undoubtedly, every stakeholder having the chance to visit the farm has witnessed the beauty of nature at its finest glory and has seen the significance of promoting and supporting various agricultural practices. And this is where DFPI started considering opening its gates to the public. It is such a big opportunity to introduce agriculture to people, especially to the youth, who would want to visit the farm and to let them appreciate the beauty of nature.

Currently, Farm Ridge offers the following activities for a more date with nature and farm life feels: Desmond Farm Cacao Plantation Tour, Cacao Plantation Tour and Awitan Falls Trip, and Backyard Camp

Farm Ridge Facilities and Activities:

Warm welcome, clean cabins and home at the ridge

Farm Ridge by Desmond Farm is a popular go-to place in Pantabangan, Nueva whenever someone feels like inhaling relaxation and exhaling toxicity. It is a place where you can see and appreciate the beauty of nature and the works of modern architecture.

Experience the magic of natural wonders

Imagine being in a completely different place in just a blink of an eye? One time you are in the middle of the city, trying to escape the pressure and toxicity, and next thing you know, you’re standing in the midst of a farm at the ridge, relishing the beauty of nature.

The perfect mix of comfortable and rustic

With lodging ranging from rustic to comfort and from farm houses to tents, there is an experience for everyone looking for connections to their food, fresh air, and the countryside. It’s about the rural experience and putting a personal face and story to farming.

Farm Ridge accommodation services:

Farm House

Farm House offers the same great views of Pantabangan Dam and the Sierra Madre mountain ranges upfront. This place is the perfect definition of ambiance and peace. The first floor is a guest house ready to accommodate couples, groups of friends, and families while the second floor could be a hall for intimate gatherings (rented separately).



2 bedrooms

1 living space

1 free internet wifi

1 pantry/bathroom/comfort room

1 large covered view deck

Cabin w/ Attic

A tranquil getaway, a nice reroute from your dull and routinary path, and an escape from the toxicity of the city? We have just the right cabin for you! A triangular cabin with an attic and a larger view deck. No frills approach to finding leisure and be one with nature! A proven favorite, showcases Pantabangan's natural beauty at its finest.

CABIN w/ Attic


1 attic bedroom

1 living space with direct access to the outdoor view deck

1 bathroom

1 comfort room

1 view deck

Loft Cabin w/ Pool

The hexagonal cottage showcasing cozy rustic and wooden interiors. Here, you can experience the new dimension of peace and relaxation while adoring the beauty of nature and modern architecture. A well-deserved break in a serene cabin at the ridge, a breathtaking view of nature in its finest facade, and the calming melody of wind as it blows away your worries.



1 loft bedroom

1 living space with outdoor pool and view deck

1 pantry, 1 comfort room

1 bathroom,

1 outdoor pool & 1 view deck


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